Unwanted Memories – Washing Out Session

Memory Landscape

What are memories? And why few are unwanted and still we keep visiting them?

Do we visit our unwanted memories or they visit us?

Why are few memories so unwanted?

Why few memories leave a bitter taste in our mouth?

Why few memories make our heart beat faster?

Why few memories make our head spin?

Why few memories make our skin crawl?

Why few memories make us feel unworthy, angry, & jealous?

How something which had happened in past has so much control over us?

How a particular smell, taste, visual or words can make us time travel into past?

Few answers are just around us and we know them too.

Still, what stops us from acknowledging and embracing them?

Will I be attempting to show mirror, which you intend to avoid? No.

I will be walking along, with your due permission and hope.

Come. Walk. Along.

Emotions are the key forces, which create and stamp the incidents of the past.
Memories are actual events or just emotions attached to those emotions?
Can we work on our emotions?
Can we re-calibrate our unwanted memories?
Yes, we can with willingness, emotional tools and practise.

Emotion Sensing Session to Wash Out- Unwanted Memories
Aug 7th, 2020, Friday – 6:30 pm – 8pm
Aug 8th, 2020, Saturday – 11:30 am -1 pm
INR 1000/- per session
For details write @ rukhsar.saleem@gmail.com  or drop a message +91-9000298752

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