Super 30 Movie – Review

In the Era of Binge Watch

Usually I binge watch movies or web series. This movie, Super 30 made on life of a Mathematics genius and a teacher par excellence, Anand Kumar 
At first I had fumbled upon Hrithik’s interview on Youtube (while I was searching innovative ways to teach Maths to children) – about this movie and then I watched this movie in three parts over next three days.
It’s an unknown, unintended and absolute surprise by my own standards.

Dopamine Vs Oxytocin

Dopamine shots (I call this as tear-jerker hormone or momentary happiness hormone) did not kick in me while watching it. What actually did move in my body – was the deeply embedded euphoria of oxytocin (I call this Satisfaction+ pur-sukun hormone) like a warm liquid spreading in your body on a cold winter night.

What an incredible story and the treatment given to it and Hrithik’s skin in the character so deep that he started resembling as Anand Kumar to me and I found myself sitting in his class. What a timing of watching this movie – when I have got an opportunity to align help for a super bright girl who has topped Uttarakhand State Board in PCM from disadvantaged background. Now, I can so relate to the plight of such students who are clueless about their future, non-existent or insufficient system to guide or hand hold such students.
So, anyone like him is a ray of hope in the darkest night or a drop of water in a dead desert of hopelessness for such children.

Can We ?

Every Indian should watch this movie.
Every school should screen this movie twice an year.
Every teacher should take out time to watch this movie.
Every set up (small/ medium/big) in India ​should screen ‘Super 30’ movie – as an – online movie date.

And I know this will not happen. 😬

So, who ever watches this, if you feel called to – tell others to watch. And see the intensity shift in eyes of Anand Kumar’s character played so effortlessly by Hrithik Roshan – those piercing eyes can galvanize every cell in your being. Especially the scene, in which when he is warned of a physical attack on him – just watch that response couple of times.

Character of Anand Kumar’s father by Virendra Saxena is guiding light for the whole story and actor undoubtedly is so good – anything said in his appreciation is like showing a candle to Sun. And Pankaj Tripathi character’s intention and brilliance in being economical with word usage gives a ‘khatta- meetha’ feel.

This movie or to be precise, Anand Kumar’s life has the ability to keep you moving, moving and moving. This movie in pre-covid times was made tax free by many Indian states. And Super 30, as an organization does not accept any donations or funds from anyone/anybody.  It continues to operate in same premises where it had started in Patna, Bihar.

Can each one of us make an attempt to share, document , support and broadcast (as per our ability & skill sets) the incredible stories of our unsung heroes for generations to learn, and get inspired till the time our system is in place to spot, groom and support infinite talent in the country?

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