Single Child OR More than One Child?

Inspiration to Write This Blogpost

What a beautiful article!
(I have shared the link below). But you may read it later, first concentrate on my take (gyaan) over it

  • To be a mother to single child, or to more than one child, it is never easy.
    But this vivid description by this blogger made so many things come live to my mind and definitely worthy.
    I quite often hear people saying or suggesting to start family immediately after wedding or to go for the second child as soon as possible.
  • Recently another incident triggered the clash of opinions. One mother’s query whether to go for a second child or not, again bought focus to the same point.  But it substantially raised few more genuine concerns or to say aspects of taking a crucial decision of extending your family not.

Fellow Mothers Opinion

Few mothers absolutely supported the idea of having more than kid for the sake of sibling bonding and as a love insurance once parents leave this world. Few relished the idea of having another for their own happiness. Whereas few also viewed them through the lens of resources with parents.

Author’s Opinion

Though I have my own views over this topic- I believe it is very important to raise responsible individual with a strong value system. And truck load of relentless efforts goes in raising child(ren) with deep rooted values. These value act as GPS for them in their life. So, its really not a question of when and how many but responsible and mindful ones.

Another key take away from many mothers whom have directly shared their opinion on the platform, is, decision to have one or many depends on ‘child to child; upbringing to upbringing; and circumstances to circumstances’.

P.S. I absolutely cherish the value of my sibling rivalry, yes you read it right Rivalry- Coz I feel the way one can fight with ones siblings like cats n dogs in a moment and forget the other moment. This kind of relationship, is just not possible or extremely difficult with anyone else in the world- in my opinion.

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