Schools and Political Nexus

Shocking Incidents

With recent disturbing news from schools about the attempted sexual assault leading to a cold blooded murder a 7 year old child in Ryan International School, Gurgaon; another bizarre incident of bullying and betting among teenagers in Pathways International School, Noida and then very next day only, a rape of a 5 year old girl by the peon the school in South Delhi, anxiety and fear among parents is obvious.
Adding fuel to the fire is the shady response of the schools, inefficiency of the city administration to check the mass hysteria created among parents and injuries to the local journalists and damage to the property near to the school premises; and last but not the least an array of news articles sharing details about schools having close associations or investments of politicians.

Questions Crop

So, in that light,

– Is it possible for schools to bypass safety/security/legal procedures easily?

– Is it impossible to start or operate schools freely from political favors/funding?

– How parents can ensure that politicians are not benefiting from exorbitant fee structures of schools?

– How fairly politicians in the ruling system will listen or act on the plea of parents against schools then?

– How often politically influential parents and their kids do get preferential treatment from school authorities?

– How often teachers and rest of the staff is trained with dire consequences of an safety lapse/sexual assault?

– How often parents are made an integral part and have any say in school conducting awareness workshops for employees or routine check of safety measures?

As an Indian citizen, I completely understand that in India things happen primarily on political will and the need of public is secondary.

Despite that as a parent, I am extremely concerned about our kids school campuses turning into breeding grounds for politics.

We as parents have to strive to put our demand to make school campuses free of politics and politicians.

Increasingly Politicians or their family owned Educational institutions and chains, make it extremely difficult for parents to get justice or at least transparency in case of any sticky and alarming situation.
Parents are left on their own to hung dry.

An Anxious Parent

– Rukhsar Saleem

Founder, Mother Digest

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