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Book ReviewThe Forty Rules of Love, by Elif Shafak.

Reader’s Quest

Thousands and thousands of questions keep simmering in me, of which I did not have answers for long.
Neither, I was hopeless before, nor I am now about not getting answers.
However, reading this book made me feel I might find answers to many questions, which I used to think I couldn’t even voice them.

It’s a must-read if you feel good with your solitude than being lonely in a crowd and also if you find it difficult to talk to your own self easily on many occasions.

It’s an enlightening read if you feel you start but ain’t able to finish things if you feel confused about your being and easily feel losing interest in things around you.

It gave many many definitions of love, and all meant the same.

The beauty of this book is the relationship of a mentor with his already famous and well-read mentee. I loved the way the mentor was able to crack the picture-perfect image of the mentee in order to guide him to attain his best form and discover his hidden talent.

And now the world knows him for his incredible work as a poet.

And the mentee was – Maulana Jalal ad-din ‘Rumi’.

I felt drenched in love and wet with emotions all over.

After reading the book, for days I tried soaking in what all I had read, and then I did a small homework – feel-good factor, which I never ever did for any other book to date.

I have noted down all 40 Rules in my Journal.
I have written all rules up to Forty

It has helped me heal my relationship with my Almighty. It has sown seeds n further instigated my thirst to seek answers. However, I can see a path this time.

Such an endearing read.

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