Importance of Role Models and Failure

Importance of Role Models

While growing up, we all have role models as per age and phase we pass through. Role models are those set of people to whom we just not listen with ears or see with eyes, but with heart. Therefore, their words and impact on us, is way more than anyone around us.
So, I too had/have my share of role models- someone’s work, someone’s life, someone’s persona, someone’s attitude etc influenced me in varying degrees. And with time, we also grow out of craze/obsession/influence of theirs.

But, few ones affect you so deep that you just renew your liking for them. And for me one such role model, since my childhood has been – Oprah Winfrey. And she continues to be so for me. I request you, not just watch this video, because she is/has been my role model. But the content she has shared here in this video, is so relevant, irrespective of time and situation.

Why We Should Fail?

  • There is no mistake/no wrong move/no wrong relationship;
  • All moves/failures/mistakes point us to move towards the RIGHT Direction;
  • Take each step at a time;
  • Do not get overwhelmed by a single failure or success.

We are never taught to fail, we are never encouraged to fail. It is such an important milestone, of failing from time to time. It gives us another chance to introspect ourselves and our moves. But it is easily said, than done.

As nobody wants to fail intentionally. How can we do prepare ourselves to fail?
For that we, as adults have to give ourselves some room to risk/experiment and fail. Overlook our children failures/mistakes at times. We need not to spoon feed them or ignore but be around them to be an integral part of their chores.

Positives of Failure

If we let our child make mistakes and we as mother/parent clear the air of heaviness around failure in our house.
Believe me, we will never fail in long run at least as a mother/ parent/individual.
This is purely my take on this. Please feel free to share your opinions with all of us.

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