Creative Trade Offs!

I called my dentist to inform that my treated tooth is slightly mobile. I used words to ensure an appointment for him to have a look at a disaster-in-waiting to avoid embarrassment of looking bullying-worthy in any social gathering or scaring my own kids.

He chuckled and said, ‘Madam, mask is there to avoid any embarrassment. Please do come ‘only’ when it’s totally off the hook.’ My dentist is among the breed of health care workers (also an academician) to not to let the patient’s pocket bleed.

Fastening Event

A week later, a drunk guy in daytime lost balance and made my trip to the dentist a gawking reality.

My dentist smiled and said, ‘Madam, you were in such hurry that you chose to be in pain. Social pressure on women to look prim and proper, all the time.’😲

I wanted to reply. Chose to save my explanation.
I wanted to grin, my dangling tooth posed threat.
I wanted to pity myself on a super cold January evening, when I was looking forward to lay my hands on a new book after I had completed soul rending Atul Gawande’s ‘Being Mortal’ last week.

And I chose to sleep on the dentist’s chair with my phone off, mind at ease as I did not have a single penny in my wallet (no ATM dispensed cash), toll guy server hanged to let me scott free and phone battery was dying.

Game Changer

So my only calculation was to have enough battery in the phone to pay dentist and at toll by Paytm to make a comeback home with the repaired tooth.

Uff… philosophy, strategies and self gloating is so dependent on your phone battery🔋, I swear.😅

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