Come. Walk. Along With Me!

As long as I can remember, I had been extremely curious about people, events in their life from my childhood days:
– what made them do this?
– what made them not opt for something else?
Their problems, anger outbursts, sad faces always evoked deep symapthy in me  with a deep desire to help them sort out. This is the reason – connecting with people is like second skin to me.

Thousands and thousands of questions – made me excited, curious.  Any sticky situation, a bad remark, an uncomfortable stare or any painful issue for anyone close to me – used to drain me for days. However, I kept on moving with quest to satiate this thirst in me.
So, this is how- my stories made their way into me.

Bumpy Journey!
I, as a science student experimented with management, worked in media more as a shadow creative being, started doing online courses when they were not even a rage or a need like they are now, sought help from a life coach, did workshops from Social Media to Digital Marketing to Breakthrough Leadership programs from various places to freelancing for startups.
Shiniest example has been my journey of a failed entrepreneur- I did not monetize motherdigest thinking – I am not good with money- only to realize 6 yrs later- I lost out on time.

I made many career choices, I rejected few and many rejected me at different stages.
On many occasions, I felt dejected on rejection, and on few occasions- I had my ‘Aha’ moments on being rejected or leaving them. So, keep rolling, change tracks, stopping is sinister.

I had been reading about Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Cognitive Behavior Therapy for sometime. I found Behavioral Sciences, very fascinating area for me.
I tried making in-roads where studying psychology, philosophy and sociology along with communications.
However, the options to study looked too much theory, even longer duration at that phase for a newly turned mother then, unpredictable energy and chores. And it looked overwhelming with a bit of risk- what if it does not turn out what I had been expecting it to be – for me.

Letting it Go!
I had this dream of studying in boarding schools in hills in my childhood. Later that converted into going abroad to not just study – also to explore different pedagogy style and culture. It was very difficult to let it go as I kept assuming my procastrination as being lazy. I have made peace – it is not feasible for me atleast for another few years.

I was raring to be be equipped with emotional tools to first make peace with my emotions, outburst, and residual feelings.
On many occasions, I was stumbled by the concept of NLP, I started doing my homework around it, to me it looked like something- which has a structure and application right away in any every situation. And this was something- which resonated with my internal hunger/ curiosity to understand patterns/ structures/ maps of a person.

Last Year, I did a diploma in NLP to sort my emotional web. In 2020, I felt ready to dive deep into this, I went ahead for NLP Practitioner Program.
And I am so consumed by the vastness and depth of the field – it is making me excited like having your hands laid on a book/movie/web series, which you just keep loving, getting engrossed and you just keep checking- hope it does not end so soon- and you realize it is much more you can read/watch.
I will keep adding my levels of expertise with time and money earned.

For now, I am good to begin.
So, folks, I am in that phase where I am willing to walk along with you, to invite YOU, to see You, your pattern of reactions versus intended responses – If you feel stuck somewhere – where you feel choice-less. I am willing to use my sensitivity along with newly acquired skills, if you are willing.

What Comes before How.
If you are keen on any issue to be resolved in YOU, I can help you make aware – what that issue does in your physiology ie body.
I will be taking 60-90 Minutes Virtual Sessions from 1st May, 2020 onwards, to help you find out where your emotions take flight from and where do they land in your body and how you can take charge of them.
Each day two – one to one sessions will be scheduled.

There is no investment/charges attached for availing the sessions in the Month of Ramzan. You are invited to contribute any amount of your convenience to aid the Food drive in Uttar Pradesh & Gurugram during Covid-19 Lockdown.

For booking a session or any query write to me – or +91-9000298752.

For the reference of my work based on your Expression Of Interest- I can ask those who benefitted from my sessions, if they are willing to share their experience.


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