About Us

The Mother is the baby’s first school. And this very school lays down the following pillars for the baby's growth:

  • physical,
  • mental,
  • social, and
  • environmental 

So, I will be sharing my experiences, my mistakes, my learnings, my happy moments, my sad moments, practically everything , which I went through and will go through as a mother.
I firmly believe that each mother is unique, each child is unique and so the experiences too are unique.

But alot of things/situations/phases are not so different- their handling brings out uniqueness and variety for many to benefit.

And I also strongly believe ‘Sharing is Caring’.

This space will be a peace corner for mothers, wherein they can read, discuss, argue and share the stuff they feel like reading and sharing.
One question must be popping up in your mind, – “Oh, Why another parenting/mother blog/forum?”
So, I would say, the more the merrier!

And being a mother will never go out fashion!

So Yippie!!! Way to go Super Mothers!

Mother is born, when a child is born. She goes on to become the baby's infinite source of love, nurturer, caretaker, teacher and practically everything.
In doing so, she herself undergoes so many changes, which many times go noticed and many times un-noticed. Her own growth and learning is reflected and becomes visible in the child she raises. On one hand,
the milestones of the infant are welcomed with great pomp and show. But on the other hand, the process of her growth, her churning, her experiences and her nurturing as mother is really exhaustive, goes unacknowledged primarily. And kids do not come with any manual for reference. Furthermore, there are no parenting courses offered anywhere for parents to go and refer to.

So, Mother Digest makes an effort (like a drop in ocean) to enable and empower mothers/parents.  We firmly believe an empowered mother can be extremely instrumental in raising the bars of not just her own family, but also the society, the culture, the economy and the nation.

Future generation is raised in her womb.

With this notion, Mother Digest had started its journey in January 2013 as Facebook closed group. In 4 years, we are a close knit family of 1600+ mothers.

We are increasing our reach (through website/blog/FB page/Twitter/Instagram) to non-member mothers as well as fathers, who often request us to be a part of Closed Group on Facebook. 

Hope contributors and readers keep coming n joining us!


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